What is is a community website which covers the entire swine sector from "pig to pork". With the collaboration of international specialists, we generate our own content from which users can debate and share ideas.

This makes us the best marketing platform to reach any link in the chain of production. We have more than 20 years experience in generating content online for the swine sector. This content is independent and is created according to the necessities of the sector and our clients.

Why you should advertise on

  • Experience: we began publishing content and advertising on internet in April 1998 (two months before Google).
  • Specialization: we work only in swine.
  • Quality: we work with the leaders in opinion and the best authors.
  • Adaptation: we generate content made to measure.
  • For the size and placement of your publicity.
  • For trademark association: associating your trademark to quality content = an increase in the proposition branding = improved branding.
  • Credibility of content: the independence and recognition of our authors guarantees it.
  • Exploitation of the content and publicity 360º
  • We will help you to grow on the internet and reach new markets.
  • Because we want our clients to be truly satisfied.

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