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Pedagogical model

Our model

333 training has two online campuses (CReSA and Campusal) that offer a non-face-to-face high-quality teaching model that facilitates the student's learning process, allowing them to fit together their family life and their continuous education needs. The benchmark of the teaching methodology of this system has, is the student, and it places at their disposal all the necessary tools for attaining the maximum learning level, appraising their progress and their knowledge at all moments thanks to the continuous assessment.

The information and communication technologies (ICT) go into the service of those persons who wish to learn overcoming the barriers imposed by location and time. The Campus is the communication and learning space based on the new technologies that serves as a window so the student remains in contact with the teachers and the rest of their classmates, offering teaching aids/materials created specifically for the non-face-to-face teaching and that, guided by the action of the teachers take the student towards the accomplishment of the goals of the course.

A high-quality teachership and ambitious and updated programmes live together with the comprehensive customised attention towards the students, who will find in the Campus the best platform for learning.

The non-face-to-face model of this platform contributes to the optimisation of the student's time and efforts, who has a more active and participative role during all the teaching process, fitting together the personal interests of each student with their daily duties.

Study aids

The teaching aids/materials have a higher importance in a non-in-person teaching system, as in the case of 333 training. Due to this they have been designed and/or created by a team of veterinarians and specialists in the different subjects bearing in mind the special features of a non-face-to-face teaching system.

Within the teaching aids/materials the student will find several guidelines that facilitate the learning process: explanations prepared so they are easily understood, concepts that are introduced progressively and a well-studied combination of theoretical presentations, graphs, diagrams and practical exercises so the understanding and the subsequent comprehension of the subject is much more effective.

The students have, at their disposal, a guide of the course that tells them the process to follow for obtaining the expected learning. This guide consists of: description of the course, learning goals, outline of the contents, features of the teaching materials, working methodology, educational planning of the course and continuous assessment method.

The teaching aids/materials of each section are presented, exclusively, in a digital format (on the webpage) and they can be used for the progressive study of the contents of the course and also as a reference material. In the explanations a constant reference is made to the activities and the support resources that the student will be able to find in the Campus.


Teaching staff

The faculty of 333 training is composed by wide-renown veterinarians at a national and international level that have received instruction with respect to non-face-to-face training. Apart from solving any doubt or problem that the student may face with respect to the studied subject, it carries out a job as counsellor, guiding and stimulating the students throughout the course.

The constant help by the teacher figure stamps a dynamic nature to the learning process that stimulates the students. Because of the receiving of a constant feedback by the teacher, a nearness climate is created that motivates the student so they reach their goal and they do not get discouraged in front of the difficulties that may appear during all the learning process. This climate also favours the communication between the students of the same course through the Campus in the aforementioned courses, and it is enormously fruitful for the establishment of a study climate that generates interest.


333 training sets a continuous assessment model that is especially favourable for the academic progress with respect to the course.

The continuous assessment allows to establish, at any moment, a customised evaluation of the learning process, and this favours modifications to be made in the itinerary in case that it is necessary, reinforcing some aspects or focusing especially on a certain subject.

This continuous assessment is attained by means of appraisal tests set in the different units, and case studies and guided activities that the teachers assess throughout the course.

The result of this assessment system is very positive for the motivation and the continuous dedication, because the students receive, regularly, training comments and appraisal results that tell them their progress and contribute very favourably to the academic progress obtained with the course.

In some cases the teacher will suggest the carrying out of a final project or task, once the different continuous assessment activities have been handed out. The final project may consist of a practical exam in which the contents of the module will be summarised or of an activity that supplements the rest of the continuous assessment activities.


Student service

3tres3's team goal is to facilitate, at all moments, the solving of any problem or incident:

Customer service hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 h. to 17:30 h. GMT+1

On-line technical assistance at the e-mail address  info@pig333.com

Administrative assistance that takes care of the administrative incidents, records, registrations, etc., via the e-mail address info@pig333.com

The academic assistance watches over for the following-up of the courses by our students and takes care of keeping in contact and solving any academic problem.


Virtual campus

The tool for the communication between the student and the faculty is the Campus, a space that you can access at all times and from any computer without the need for a specific software, except any browser. A basic computing knowledge is necessary for surfing the Campus, which is designed in a simple and intuitive way.

The teaching methodology through the Campus reaches great closeness levels and a high customization degree thanks to the features of this virtual environment, in which the communication between the teacher and the student is fluent and bidirectional, and the feedback is intense and customized.

It is possible for you to access this space with the same user name and password that you have at 3tres3, and you will be able to share knowledge, opinions or express your doubts thanks to its communication resources.

A large group of teachers solves here all the doubts that the students may have and carries out a customized follow-up of each student so all of them reach the training goals. Thanks to their work and to the tools that the Campus facilitates, the student feels in permanent contact with all the teaching community.


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